Modern Vintage Man - March 2012

March 08, 2012

Flowfold featured on Modern Vintage Man: Flowfold Cat’s Cradle Trifold Wallet Review [toggle title="Click here for full text"] Flowfold Cat’s Cradle Trifold Wallet Review March 8, 2012 in Product Review    with 3 Comments flowfold open When it comes to men’s accessories, the wallet is probably the first thing many men think about.  In some form or another, everyone carries a wallet.  Whether it’s a leather bifold or just a rubberband, guys need something to keep their cash and cards organized.  I can remember one of the first wallets I had: a Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil wallet with a velcro closure.  It was super cool.  Almost as cool as I was.  I have carried some form of a wallet for the majority of my life and I am willing to bet you have as well.  Often times, our wallet becomes an extension of who we are.  It displays our own personal tastes and styles.  It communicates our passions and it holds what is important to us. Modern Vintage Man was lucky enough to receive a wallet for review from the good folks over at Flowfold. They offer both wallets and iPad sleeves, but what their products are made from is the real story. All of their sleeves and wallets are made from… “the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite. These cloths are composed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films. They are the toughest, lightest and most resilient cloths in the world due to their high tensile strength to weight ratios and ideal modulus of elasticities.” Some other awesome specifications on their products: Durable, the the core fibers used in flowfold wallets have several times the tensile strength of steel. Built from water impervious cloth, flowfold wallets are weather resistant and protect your contents from the elements. Weighs only 16 grams, light as three sheets of 8.5x 11 paper. Adds only five hundredths of an inch to its contents, less than the thickness of two credit cards. Vegan friendly. No animal products are used and no land is wasted on unused sailcloth. Available in a variety of colorways and custom styles due to the diversity of cloths available to LTR The wallet we received from flowfold is the Cat’s Cradle Trifold Wallet and is really a departure from my usual wallet of choice in many ways.  First, I typically prefer a bifold wallet because it seems to keep a slimmer profile than the trifold. I also tend to prefer brown leather wallets as opposed to black leather wallets or those made from synthetic materials.  I wanted to get something that didn’t fall into my typical preference so I would have no preconceived notions on whether or not I would enjoy using the wallet.  If anything, this wallet was going to have to be significantly better than expected in order to win me over. When the flowfold wallet arrived, the first thing that hit me was, “Wow, this is SUPER thin.”  If you are a regular reader, you may remember that I have lamented before about the discomfort of keeping a wallet in your back pocket and having to literally “sit on it” every time you sit down. Seeing the thinness of the wallet for myself immediately added a tinge of excitement about getting to take this wallet for a test run. As you can see, it is indeed incredibly thin; especially when compared to the bulkiness of leather wallets.  This is a welcome change of pace for my lower back and hips.  The best part about the slimness of the wallet is that it adds minimal bulk to what you are carrying.  For example, here is a picture of the cards that I carry on me all the time: this is the LEAST amount of cards I will carry, not to mention some cash In that stack are 5 credit cards, a debit card, library card, health insurance card, drivers license, and some miscellaneous stuff I have to carry for work.  I know this isn’t a LARGE quantity of things to carry, but it is enough to add some significant bulk to a wallet.  One of my concerns with the flowfold wallet was whether or not it would be able to carry all my stuff in a semi-organized fashion.  One of the crowning achievements of the people over at flowfold is their ability to pack a lot of storage space with a minimalist design.  I easily found room for all my stuff.  6 card pockets offer more than enough room for all my cards. The flowfold Cat’s Cradle Trifold Wallet also has a large main compartment for cash and things of that nature.  This pocket is extremely large and has more room than I think anyone should ever need for carrying cash, especially in today’s electronic society. As I have already mentioned, my favorite aspect of this wallet is it’s diminutive girth.  The wallet is so significantly thinner than the leather bifold wallet I was using, that I tended to forget my wallet was even in my pocket.  There were at least 3 separate occasions where, as I was walking into a store, I was struck by a brief panic attack thinking I had either forgotten or lost my wallet.  I was so used to feeling the weight and thickness of my leather wallet that when I no longer felt it there, I of course assumed I must have misplaced it.  Of course, this was something that was easily put to rest, but it continued to drive home just how thin and lightweight this wallet really is.  Even fully loaded with all my stuff, it is very thin. So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the review: Pros: Extremely thin and lightweight Water resistant and durable Made from “upcycled” materials Lots of storage space Cons: Mostly see-through.  When folded, this is really only an issue with whatever you have in the main, large compartment.  If you are someone who carries a considerable amount of cash and don’t want that to be seen by anyone who may be around you when you pull out the wallet, this may be an issue.  Some of the other designs may not have this issue. When it comes down to giving the flowfold Cat’s Cradle Trifold Wallet its “Modern Vintage Man” score, I find myself a bit torn.  I really really enjoy this wallet.  It has become my everyday carry wallet and I have no desire at this point to go back to my leather wallet.  That being said, there are times I have felt a little silly pulling out a bright yellow wallet.  Especially when I am wearing a black suit. At a funeral. This really isn’t a big deal, but it is something to consider if you are someone who wears more formal clothes on a regular basis.  However, how often are you pulling your wallet out of your pocket when you are wearing a suit?  Probably not that much. This is a great wallet.  It performs it’s wallet-ing duties with great aplomb.  So all things considered… Modern Vintage Man Score: 4/5 Cheers. [/toggle]

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