The Optimist: Inside our 10L mini backpack

July 07, 2016

The Optimist: Inside our 10L mini backpack

We are beyond excited to introduce the Optimist. The rundown: This 10L mini pack is perfectly sized for tiny adventures. Water repellant zips and fabric offer protection from dirt and light rain. The Optimist packs away light and flat for use when traveling. DSC_0008 copy The story: We've been making prototype packs for ourselves for years to test near and far. These experimental packs set the precedent and helped us dial in what we really wanted: a simple and rugged backpack that's invulnerable to being overloaded. Let's break that down. Compact. The right size for this pack was a major question mark. We often find "regular" size packs to be excessive for daily adventures. The problem is that we find ourselves either overpacking them with crap we don't actually need, or carrying a mostly-empty pack that flops around and snags on branches. Simple. We designed the Optimist with one main pocket and one outer pocket. The main compartment is sized for a combination of small items: water bottle, rain shell, hat, snack, etc. We've also seen our ambassadors stuffing them with things like tackle for a quick fishing session, gym clothes, and travel documents.
We love how simple this bag is because we don't find ourselves digging through pocket after pocket to find an item. It's unbelievably lightweight because we stripped it down to absolute necessities. Finally, we appreciate its aesthetic: No superfluous straps, loops, buckles, or pockets.
Durable. The Optimist's longevity comes from a deliberately simple design and premium materials. We make this bag with ultra-lightweight, water repellent outdoor fabrics: X-Pac, Lite Skin, and Cordura. Like all of our core products, we back the Optimist with a lifetime warranty. As for the name, this pack takes it's title from a somewhat foolish piece of wisdom: We are only as happy as we decide to be. We wanted to celebrate the spirit of upbeat adventurers that bring a positive outlook to every outdoor moment. [button size="medium" style="primary" text="Buy the Optimist 10L Mini Pack" link="" target=""] IMG_0666

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