Peek in on our Peaks Island workshop

November 30, 2010

Last week I made the cold voyage up to Maine and out to the island where our factory operates. Accompanying me was one of our new Canadian distributors Dominique. We spent a week with Chuck collaborating on some new projects, prototyping, designing and planning trips. We even designed a new wallet for our European customers whose silly bills range in size from 120mm x 62mm to 160mm x 82mm. It's deep. And some cool business card holders for the crew (oh so professional). Luckily the city of Portland had just opened a new skate park, so we hoped on the boat and got our shred on! It was opening weekend for the park so there were lots of eager Mainers skating every inch of newly set concrete. Portland has been without a skate park for years now so it was a good thing to see. The park has a nice deep concrete bowl and also some street features. Thanks to Kyle Warren for the long exposure star shot. The trip was a great success and a lot of fun. Next stop, the sunshine state! Don't forget to check out our Holiday Discount Code and new store url:

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