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Our Comrade Tool Rolls are the perfect sidekick accessory for any maker. These tool rolls feature multiple pockets and an elastic loop to keep your tool roll bundled. The Comrade Tool Rolls are durable, lightweight, and versatile, making them the ideal companion for DIY projects and organizing all your accessories and travel gear, no matter how big or small. Now available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. 

  • Small: 7 pocket slots |11.5” W x 14” H Unrolled
  • Medium: 8 pocket slots | 19" x 16" Unrolled
  • Large: 13 pocket slots | 27” W x 19.5” H Unrolled
  • Durable, water-repellent fabric
  • A convenient elastic loop that allows users to roll up and secure tools inside the tool roll


Designed for durability and function, our Comrade Tool Rolls are the perfect accessory to keep you organized on the go. Incredibly lightweight and water-resistant fabric that keeps your favorite tools safe and secure. Our Comrade Tool Rolls can be used as an all-around tool organizer, ranging from wrenches to pencils, paintbrushes, and camping cutlery.  Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Small, 7 Pockets: Fits shorter tools under 13.5” like wrenches, screwdrivers, fine paint brushes, pencils, and pliers.

Medium, 8 Pockets: Fits various tools under 15.5” like wrenches, pliers, pencils, camping utensils, and paint brushes. 

Large, 13 Pockets: Fits larger tools under 19”  like hammers, wrenches, levels, and long paint brushes.

Proudly made in Maine, USA.

Comes with our Lifetime Warranty