Japan inspired collection

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Over the past couple of years, this spunky Maine start up has worked hard to gain footing in international markets, and nowhere have we felt more welcomed than in Japan. As we learned during our trip to Tokyo in Spring 2019, Japan continues to see tremendous growth in our industry, and with a customer base that truly embraces minimalism and waste reduction, it's no surprise that we feels so at home in that market. This partnership has allowed us to stretch our creative wings with design and function, which has led to a unique line of new global Flowfold products. Working closely with our Japanese partners we created innovative products that combine Flowfold's functionality and unique fabrics with the bold style, color, and adventure-ready designs you'd see on the busy streets of Tokyo.

Japan inspired collection

With an aligned focus on minimalism and intentional design in everyday products, we joined forces with Japanese designers to create a line that celebrates these shared values: versatility, bold simplicity, and a devotion to detail. Originally debuted in Japan, we're bringing these vibrant and versatile pieces to you. Small features such as one hand strap adjustment and slashes of vibrant colors bring this collaborative line to life. From bustling city streets to serene mountain peaks, these products add something unique to your everyday, and are perfect for all adventures.

Japan inspired collection

Flowfold Japan Inspired Collection






3 versatile products, each lightweight and adventure-ready, with unique splashes of color and style added by our friends in Japan. A spacious, statement making fanny pack, a bold, functional sacoche bag perfect for those on the go, and three colorful additions to our Minimalist cardholder family.

Pick one, pick all three, and add some spunk to our everyday adventures!


Japan inspired collection


Read about our week-long trip to Tokyo this spring to learn more about our growing partnerships in Japan. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our business and design collaborations through a short video series of our amazing time in Tokyo!