Snap Hook Keychain

Heather Grey/White

A unique keychain that is as stylish and lightweight as it is rough and tough. Durable hardware, waterproof sailcloth fabric, and a simple, reliable design make this keychain an everyday essential, from busy city streets to backcountry trails.


  • Featuring a lightweight HK snap hook closure.
  • Attaches with ease to belts, packs, and luggage.
  • Waterproof, easily cleaned sailcloth technology fabric.
  • Made in USA


A sturdy, reliable keychain made from the highest quality materials for long lasting functionality. The easy-use snap hook closure allows you to clip it to any loop, strap, or zipper, so you can keep your keys and other essentials close by and out of your hands. Sewn using our unique sailcloth technology fabrics, its sturdy enough to carry not only your keys but other small everyday accessories such as nail clippers, bottle openers, knives, or specific items for fishing, hunting, and other adventurous activities. 


Specifications and Care

Features lightweight, black key ring and HK snap hook closure.

Dimensions: 6" L x 1" H x .2" D

Weight: .96 oz / 27 grams

Care: Brush or rinse off mud and dirt. Spot clean using a sponge with mild soap and hang to dry. Do not use bleach, solvents, or other harsh chemicals.



The Snap Hook Keychain is crafted from X-Pac™ or Lite Skin® (Heather Grey), both of which are created with the high performance technology of racing sailcloth. Incredibly light and strong, they withstand years of abuse and abrasion from the element, and are perfect for the versatile, everyday adventure gear we craft.

X-Pac™: A woven, multilayer composite material that uses sailcloth technology for superior abrasion, water, and tear resistance.

Lite Skin®: A non-woven, tri-layer material that uses sailcloth technology for abrasion and water resistance at very light weight. 

Fabric Details


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