Jax & Bard's Earth-Friendly Collab with Flowfold

Jax & Bard's Earth-Friendly Collab with Flowfold
A Step Towards Sustainability: Flowfold and Jax & Bard Introduce the Eco-Friendly 'Puffin Sandal'. 

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Jax & Bard. Jax & Bard is a women owned company that handmakes clogs and sandals in Maine. Together we worked to develop the Puffin Sandal, named after the renowned Maine coast dweller. The Puffin Sandal is crafted with 100% recycled nylon and reclaimed wood. This sandal offers an adaptive fit and all-day comfort, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Jax-and-bard-x-flowfold-puffin-sandal-collab(Image credit: Jackie Lindstedt)


Jax & Bard is a shoe company founded by Jackie Lindstedt in 2009. The company is owned by women who design footwear specifically with women in mind. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lindstedt has been able to focus on creating footwear from natural materials while maintaining a refreshing design and key comfort. Jax & Bard specializes in creating footwear that caters to women's needs, offering a timeless style and customized fit. The brand values individuality and encourages customers to express their unique personal style. We are proud to collaborate with Jax & Bard and bring our knowledge and craftsmanship to their customers.


This collaboration brings two Maine-based companies with a shared passion for durability, craftsmanship, and sustainable materials. The Puffin Sandal upper uses Flowfold’s noteworthy water-resistant outdoor performance fabric. Each yard of this specialty material recycles about ten plastic bottles and saves about one pound of carbon emissions. As is customary, the wood used for all Jax & Bard clogs is sustainable. They are made from carefully selected remnants of another process, reducing waste and our carbon footprint.


why-these-sandals-are-differentOur Puffin Sandal offers exceptional comfort and is ideal for any outdoor activity. Its soft and cushioned upper fabric is made from high-performance outdoor material. Not only is the design stylish, but it's also versatile enough for everyday wear.




     You can buy the limited edition Puffin Sandal from the websites listed below:


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