Our Lifetime Warranty

Flowfold Companion Backpack on Woman Walking Up Steps

Great gear is made to last.

From design to production, every Flowfold product is crafted to endure a lifetime of everyday use and extraordinary adventure. If your product does not measure up due to a manufacturing defect, we will work to resolve the issue by repairing it or replacing it. Our most common issues we repair through our warranty are rips or holes occurring at seams and zippers.  

That being said, exposure to the elements will wear down even the strongest mountain face. Damages not covered by our Warranty Policy include:

  • Normal fading, wrinkles, and spots (you know, the general wear and tear that comes with living a life of adventure)

  • Blemishes, rips, or holes caused by misuse of the product (our wallets are strong but they’re not puppy-chew-toy strong)

  • Cosmetic damage (Sharpie marks, ink spills, a yogurt explosion that leaves your bag smelling...odd)

  • Loss or theft

Our warranty applies to Flowfold branded products only, and does not cover collaborative products, pins, hats, or related accessories. Warranty claims are only issued to the original purchaser.

Please note that Face Shields are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

After purchasing a Flowfold product, please register your product here:

If you would like to submit a warranty claim, please click below. Please give us as much information as you can, so we can determine if a repair is possible. If it isn't, we will send you a replacement or gift card of equivalent value.