Sterling x Flowfold Carry Gear Collaboration

Sterling x Flowfold Carry Gear Collaboration

We're back at it again with the Sterling crew. In addition to using their awesome reclaimed climbing and life safety rope to make our Trailmate dog leashes, we're making totes and wallets from their old vinyl banners. And yes, they look awesome. 

We're told these Sterling x Flowfold totes and wallets are reserved for some of their VIPs. This limited collection is made from 100% reclaimed materials in Maine. The project became an opportunity when Sterling updated their logo. Their team knew it would be a waste to throw away all the vinyl banners that featured their prior logo, so we put together a few prototype wallets and totes from the material to see how they held up. The results are awesome! We're always excited to collaborate with local companies looking to re-use materials. Thanks to the Sterling crew for including us in this awesome project!


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