Recycled Sailcloth Minimalist - Card Holder Wallet

Black Sailcloth
White Sailcloth
Cyan Sailcloth
Green Sailcloth
Ultraviolet Sailcloth

Minimalist versatility at it's finest. A beautifully simple wallet for cards and folded cash, crafted from recycled racing sails.

  • So light it floats!
  • Slim one-pocket wallet for cards and cash
  • Made with recycled sailcloth fabric
  • Durable and lightweight outdoor materials


    Designed for the straight shooter with no interest in excess features, the Minimalist wallet is both purposeful and versatile. This sleek outline fits seamlessly in the front pocket of your favorite jeans or tucked away in a day bag. If you find most wallets cumbersome, check out the simple and clean Minimalist.


    Our Recycled Sailcloth Minimalist Card Holder is crafted from Recycled Sailcloth, a film-based composite sailcloth that combines multiple layers for superior abrasion and water resistance, durability, and the best strength to weight ratio.