2022 Ambassador Program

Your job as an ambassador is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Tell friends and family about Flowfold

Share our brand and gear using a discount code with friends, family, and followers. Your #1 job is to tell people about us! Wherever you go, whatever you do, try to make Flowfold a part of it! 

2. Be a part of our social presence

We do a lot on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our accounts so you get a notification when we make a new post. When we post something, please like the photo and leave a creative comment! Responding quickly to a new post will make it so that more people see the post. We pay attention to who is supporting us, tagging their friends, and generally trying to boost our reach.

3. Create content that we can share 

However you like to get creative, make Flowfold a part of it! Take photos of your gear in use, and share your content on social platforms. If you like making videos or are interested in writing for our blog, let us know and we can make it happen! Share photos and other content with us in the following ways:

  • Email full resolution photos to us with the understanding that we have permission to use them.
  • Post photos on social media using #Flowfold and/or tagging us. The more you can accomplish the above goals, the more we can send you free gear and grow our relationship!
  • Visuals are not the only way you can create content! Writing for our blog, sending a travel update from trips, or partaking in an Instagram takeover - we love sharing the amazing things our ambassadors do! 

Helpful tips & Things that make us very happy

Quality is important but don’t overthink it

Do not wait months and months for 1 perfect shot when you could shoot 1 great photo everyday. Have fun, show your personality, and try to get Flowfold gear naturally into the photo. Some of our favorite and best performing photos were shot with an iPhone in a backyard. Check out our Instagram @flowfold if you need ideas!

Engage on social media: Instagram and Facebook

Liking & commenting on our photos is a great way to support us because it encourages others to start commenting and engaging more. We get really excited when you can initiate conversations, share our posts, or tag your friends and family on our social media posts. This is an easy way to show your support!

Check in with us

Stay in touch regularly and send us photos often. Don’t be a stranger! Email mgonzales@flowfold.com with any questions or suggestions!