Face Shield Cleaning and Care

Please note, these suggested methods have been tested only for cleaning and maintaining the quality of your shield, and not for the efficacy of disinfecting.

Recommended cleaning methods:

Soap and water - You can use warm water and mild but effective soap, such as Dawn dish soap, to clean your face shields. Cover the visor with soap and water, or submerge the whole shield in soapy water. Rinse the soap off the shield and let it air dry, or use a soft, gentle cloth to dry. It may take a while for the foam to dry.

Spray/wipes - Your shields can be cleaned using a mild but effective cleaning solution, such as a common household surface cleaner. Spray the cleaner and use a soft towel to wipe down the shield. You can also use cleaning wipes. Any streaks left by cleaning solutions can be rinsed off with clear water.

Cleaning Tips:

To avoid leaving scratches or marks on your shield, always use a soft, microfiber towel or cloth when cleaning and drying your shield, especially the visor. We recommend avoiding any cleaning solutions that contain bleach or ammonium (or any chemical designed to clean glass), since these can leave a cloudy residue on your visor. If you are not sure whether a solution is safe to use on your shield, test it on a corner of the visor and see if any residue or cloudiness remains.

Storage Tips:

To avoid scratches or marks to your visor, we recommend storing your shield on a flat, clean surface when you aren’t wearing it. Laying down a towel or paper can further help prevent scratching. Avoid leaving it in damp or hot places.

Our face shields aren’t covered by our warranty, and cannot be returned. However, if you have any issues with your shield, or if you receive a face shield from us that is scratched, dirty, or has been damaged during shipping, please contact us at customerservice@flowfold.com. We’ll be happy to help!