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 The world is as wide and open as the mind that perceives it. Think big! #Flowfold Photo by @ampacu  Observing your surroundings is a science. Being present in the moment is an art. When you can balance both, you become the experience itself. #Flowfold maker Jansen captures a view by living it.  Double tap if you've been climbing all week towards Friday. Or if you spotted the #Flowfold Optimist 10L mini pack in this picture!
 With only a few weeks left till fall, we're getting outside as much as possible! Grab a #Flowfold x @sterlingrope Trailmate dog leash and enjoy the dog days of Summer. ✔️✔️✔️Shop using link in profile.✔️✔️✔️  Top floor view with #Flowfold ambassador @chriswilke.  Take 'em when ya get 'em. #Flowfold ambassador @neil_d on cruise control.
 We draw inspiration from our surroundings in Maine, which are often wet and salty. #Flowfold travel bags like our Conductor 40L duffle, Zip Porter 16L zipper tote, and Optimist 10L mini backpack come armed with water repellent features. They are made in USA using some of the strongest and lightest materials in existence, each with a lifetime warranty. Shop #Flowfold travel bags using link in profile. ☔️  When the pup is pooped, you did your job right. Rad dog dads and moms, check out the #Flowfold x @sterlingrope dog leash. These are made from reclaimed climbing rope scraps, and you can buy one using link in profile! ⚡️⚡️⚡️  @cfrdmn feeling optimistic about shipping all these #Flowfold Optimist 10L packs to the awesome crew that pre-ordered almost every single one we made! Welp, time to make more...
 90% of who we are is below the surface, 10% is what we share with the world, and 100% of us need to feel wild every now and then. Photo by @jakekelsick  Places @jessemayphoto might be found on Friday night...  Dogs will rope you into staying outside longer than you should. And that's just fine with us. The #Flowfold x @sterlingrope reclaimed leash will keep you and the pooch connected... Literally. Grab one using link in profile!
 We started with wallets and sent thousands of them all over the world on adventures of their own. Where have you taken your #Flowfold?  Happy customer notes are cool: "Hello, I bought a Flowfold wallet at a street fair in Portland, ME 4 years ago. I love my wallet, use it constantly, tell people all about it whenever they comment, and generally I am a very happy user. About 4 months ago our house was broken into and someone stole both mine and my husband's wallets- yikes! We were scrambling to cancel cc and trying to remember what else was in them when I realized I no longer had my favorite wallet-huge sadness ensued. We got things replaced and I started using an old wallet of my dad's because I refused to think my #Flowfold was really gone. This weekend a local cab driver came into my daughter's place of work and said he had found my wallet thrown under some trees behind a local shopping mall. Inside were all my things, (minus the cash) and all of my husband's things. They had kept his leather wallet, silly folks, but maybe they had stealers remorse and hoped someone would find my wallet which is bright teal .... Or they figured I would see it and recognize it!!! Anyway, some of the contents were worse for being outside for months- but Not my #Flowfold!!! So happy to have it back! Feeling complete again. Thank you for making a great product." No problem, Kathryn  Big fish stories with the boys out west under the shade of a #Flowfold Island Icon cap. These rugged five panel hats are made in USA from comfortable cotton twill, and you can grab one using link in profile.  Photo by ambassador @connormcnulty




Inspired by peak experiences, Flowfold builds minimalist gear for the pursuit of everyday adventures. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, we pair carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. Our gear is simple, intuitive, and functions effortlessly so you can find your moment. Every item is handmade in the USA using some of the world’s strongest and lightest fabrics and backed with a lifetime guarantee.