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 Let actions speak your mind. Photo by #Flowfold ambassador @frabbiter  Mind climbing through the lens of #Flowfold ambassador @jessemayphoto  Ayup. The #Flowfold Porter tote weighs less than half a pound and comes with a lifetime warranty. Shop more colors using link in profile. #Maine
 Repost from #Flowfold ambassador @agjohnsphotography: Nothing like well thought out gear. Made in USA with a lifetime warranty. Find the Minimalist wallet in more colors using link in profile.  Because a lifetime is long, our warranty is strong. Every core #Flowfold product is guaranteed for life and made in USA. Find this Stormproof Porter tote in Slate and more colors using link in profile. #BuyItForLife  #Flowfold ambassador @ericbruncaudet turns the city into a playground. Follow along with him as he tours through Greece.
 Take nothing but , leave nothing but , bring only the essentials. The #Flowfold Porter tote is a simple and rugged tote for everyday adventures. Find it using link in profile! ☝  Sometimes it's about letting go and trusting the momentum you've managed to gather. Photo by #Flowfold ambassador @chriswilke  Our #Stormproof Conductor duffle bag is ready for rain or shine adventures. Waterproof zippers and fabric provide shelter for your gear in any climate. Made in USA with a lifetime warranty, find this and more using link in profile!
 Salt and Slate. The #Flowfold Vanguard Limited is tough as nails with style to boot. Best part? It feels weightless in your pocket. Find it in more colors using link in profile.  #Flowfold ambassador @connormcnulty traveling light and right somewhere in Iceland. Find this practically weightless Navigator wallet using link in profile.   Turn a challenge into a mountain and enjoy the climb. #Flowfold ambassador @agjohnsphotography shot this photo of @srsenour in the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma.
 #Flowfold is in the runnings for Best in Show at the New Product Global Showcase hosted by Maine International Trade Center. To vote for us text "2" to (732) 889-3684 right now. Thanks for your support!  The wise see opportunity where others see barriers. Photo by #Flowfold ambassador @neal_camps  Excited and proud to partner with @getcairn this month! We're in good company. @nectar @onxmaps @chapulrevolution @honeystinger




Flowfold builds gear to carry what you need in pursuit of the moment. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, we pair carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. Our gear fits intuitively and functions effortlessly so you can find your moment. Every item is handmade using the world’s strongest and lightest fabrics. In geology, the term “flow-fold” describes layers of rock that fold smoothly over time without breaking. To us, this word represents the strength of flexibility. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and guarantee Flowfold products to last.