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Flowfold Ambassador Jon Coppi’s Solo Ascent in Zion

It’s a good morning when you open your email and find one from Flowfold ambassador Jon Coppi. We’re a small team at Flowfold, and we all get really excited when one of our ambassadors shares an adventure with us, especially Jon. Jon lives in Utah where he works with Black Diamond and spends his free […]

The Day I Thought I Might Die: Flowfold & L.L.Bean Take on Mt. Kilimanjaro

I had always intended on blogging about Kilimanjaro. With a 40% fail rate (our route) I thought I might end up writing about dealing with failure and accepting loss. Or maybe I’d touch on the comparisons of adventuring with entrepreneurship and what you learn about yourself along the way. Maybe I’d write about the L.L.Bean X Flowfold co-Lab and […]

Hiking With A Dog: A Checklist

Featured image by @cfphotography of Flowfold ambassador @photocait Dogs and hiking go together like peanut butter and jelly. As a man or woman’s best friend, enjoying the company of your dog while out on the trail is hard to beat. But before you head out on a long hike with your canine companion, you need […]

Flowfold is Now Available at REI

REI has partnered with Flowfold and we could not be more excited to share the news! You can find an assortment of our tote backpacks and crossbody bags at the outfitter starting in February 2018. Shop for Flowfold online at REI.com, or find Flowfold items at these fine REI locations. ALASKA  REI, 1200 W Northern Lights […]

Ultralight Minimalist Hiking Backpack Prototypes

We’ve been prototyping and testing some ultra lightweight minimalist hiking backpack ideas. These prototype backpacks are made from X-Pac™, and have an approximate volume of 36L. We included storm proofing features like YKK® Aquaguard® zippers and roll top closure to keep the elements out. While these hiking backpacks are a work in progress, some of […]