Why Minimalism is Important to Us

Why Minimalism is Important to Us

We make minimalist outdoor gear for everyday adventures.

Simply put, we design around the thought that less is more. We don’t see the need for a zillion pockets, straps, bells, or whistles. We don’t find ourselves struggling without superfluous features. Actually, we find that these "extras" are what make something fall apart faster and distract us from living in the present.

Instead, we focus on building the lightest daypack. The thinnest wallets. An indestructible duffle bag. The coolest dog leash. Things that actually make you happier when you are outside, not just more geared up. And we make them really, really well so that you don't have to replace them.

Minimalism is about freedom from the clutter of excess stuff. And that’s what we bring to the table: Clean, simple, and durable products that are purposeful for a lifetime of everyday adventures.

Because while once in a lifetime experiences are amazing, the everyday adventures are the ones that make us smile, well, everyday. And we’re very much at peace with that. 


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