The WUAW Crossbody Bag

The WUAW Crossbody Bag

No two bags are the same.

We recently collaborated with Women United Around the World (WUAW), an organization that provides training to immigrants, to create one-of-a-kind crossbody bags.

All proceeds for this product are donated back to WUAW.

Every WUAW bag is unique because we empowered the designers to make their own aesthetic decisions. Each bag is made in Portland, ME from 100% reclaimed scrap fabric. Our hope is that by working with a local organization that supports newcomers to this country, we can support a culturally inclusive environment with this product. Each bag is reflective of the experience we want to promote in our community: Harmony through the celebration of diversity and individual expression.

Every bag purchased is a direct contribution to WUAW. As part of the design process for the WUAW bags, women who recently immigrated to the United States have developed skills and trained for positions in manufacturing and design, greatly expanding their opportunities to find gainful employment locally and nationally.

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