Flowfold Fun Day!

Flowfold Fun Day!

Peek behind the curtain with Flowfold on our annual "Flowfold Fun Day!” This annual event gives our team free rein to play and experiment with our materials and sewing machines. Keep reading for the best moments of the day!

A lively soundtrack sets the tone as our team enters the production floor, the energy is contagious, and the team is excited to tinker and play.

Our Flowfold Fun Day began in 2020  as a team bonding exercise to show appreciation for the outstanding work of our team. Maxine Harmon, head of the production team, initiated this highly-anticipated event at Flowfold to safely celebrate during the pandemic. 

Maxine explains, "We wanted to show our appreciation for our teams’ hard work by giving them the space to unleash their creativity and make personalized gifts for themselves, friends, and family during the holidays. The purpose of this tradition is to bring our team together while providing an opportunity for our team members to showcase their creative talents using our recycled materials."
The production floor is filled with the buzz of sewing machines and cheerful music, fueling the creative spirit of our staff.


Jonathan, one of the Team Production Leads at Flowfold, says, "I love our Fun Day because it allows us to make a custom product specific to our design requirements. Over the past two years, I've crafted a 24L Duffle Bag and this cool new Mammoth Tote."


Devin, our CEO, takes great joy in hosting the Flowfold Fun Day to show appreciation to our employees for their artistic talents and the high-quality craftsmanship that makes our company successful.

“We are proud of our team's role in making our mission of creating quality products in Maine, USA, a reality and are grateful for the opportunity to come together to celebrate our outstanding employees."

Our team has created diverse offerings this year, ranging from our Dopp Kits to one-of-a-kind Mammoth Zipper Totes. Instead of just telling you about these impressive designs, we invite you to take a glimpse and get to know the masterminds behind them.

Featured Flowfold Fun Day Products: 

Lita's Medium Odyssey CrossbodyChloes-Custom-Flowfold-Dopp-KitFlowfold-Weather-Resistant-10L-Optimist-Backpack kinzie-explorer-fanny-pack




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