Art for your Everyday Carry

Art for your Everyday Carry
Maine artist, Sarah Madeira Day, believes that art is a luxury that everyone should have in our daily lives. She’s now taking that theory a step further with her collaboration with Flowfold. Sarah carefully selected a key piece from her portfolio to transfer to our signature EcoPak fabric. That one-of-a-kind 100% recycled fabric was then used to reimagine Flowfold's bestselling products. This allows everyone the opportunity to experience Sarah’s art in a whole new way, in the form of handcrafted bags that we all can use and enjoy in our daily lives.
As a Maine native, Sarah grew up on beautiful Mount Desert Island and spent much of her life exploring the trails that wind across the legendary Maine island. Sarah uses this as a source of inspiration to build a signature style and brand, capturing the beauty of the natural world on canvas. Her work can be found hanging in homes around the world, from small towns in her home state of Maine to areas as far-reaching as London and Japan.
Sarah is now taking her artwork to an all new level in her collaboration with Flowfold. After selecting her popular "Roses" peice, Flowfold was able to transfer the detail and depth of her painting onto fabric.
This latest Maine collaboration brings the best of two worlds together, exquisite art meets 100% recycled and water-resistant EcoPak. Elevate your everyday carry with these one-of-a-kind bags.


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