MEET THE MAKERS: Kelsy Hartley

MEET THE MAKERS: Kelsy Hartley

In our Meet the Maker series, we're pulling back the curtain and revealing the secret sauce of the Flowfold brand ... our team! Take a seat and read on as we introduce members of our production team—the gifted folks whose hands, hearts, and minds form the foundation of all Flowfold products.   


Kelsy is an all around waterwoman and a true blue thalassophile. Growing up on the ocean in Boothbay Harbor she’s been drawn to water sports her whole life. She rowed crew in Vermont, paddled outriggers in California, and raced stand up paddleboards throughout New England.  

Last summer she started open ocean swimming, and continued swimming even as the seasons changed and the water temperatures dropped to the mid thirties. Together with a tribe of cold water affectionados, she swam almost everyday without a wetsuit. “When you get in cold water like that, you feel how alive you are. My whole body lights up.” Kelsy cites the mental health and wellness benefits of cold water exposure, but says in all these water sports, it’s the community built around them that she loves most. 

“Having a strong, supportive community is so important for wellbeing. And for joy!” To share her love of the water, Kelsy began co-creating community events to spread this joy and foster a deep connection to embodiment and nature. These events include monthly full moon swims, solstice and holiday dips, and other ocean themed pop-up events. “After a long winter and heavy year, we wanted to create something that celebrated feeling alive.” You can connect with this water loving crew @twomainemermaids, or at 

“Creativity for me is a lifeline to vibrancy, to energy. Just like physical activity, creativity wants to move!”

Kelsy joined Flowfold in 2018 as a production assistant, and quickly found that Flowfold had the type of community she’d been looking for, a crew of adventure-loving makers that valued teamwork and creativity. She says, “Creativity for me is a lifeline to vibrancy, to energy. Just like physical activity, creativity wants to move!” The fast paced evolution and quick pivots of Flowfold over the last year have required constant teamwork and creative thinking. She remembers early in the pandemic when Flowfold transitioned to making face shields, that there was an atmosphere of “all hands on deck”, and that it felt good to concentrate efforts towards supporting the greater community. It seems that whether it’s making a smarter and better product, or creating pop-up events, that creativity and teamwork are the secret sauce to improving the lives of those around us. 


LIGHTNING ROUND! 3 Questions with Kelsy


1. Kelsy, what is your favorite product to make?

I think the Voyagers are my favorite. They are simple, and super handy for anything that needs to be organized together. I have a small one for my swim goggles, and a large one for my writing journal, notes, and pens.

2. What Flowfold gear do you take on adventures?

I’m a huge fan of the Mammoth totes. They are big enough for a weekend carry-all, and can fit the last minute things I’m always grabbing on the way out the door. 

3. What do you love most about Flowfold design?

I love how colorful and durable they are. The material is super sharp looking, lightweight and can withstand dirt, it’s a great combo!


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