Flowfold x NikDraw Collaboration

Flowfold x NikDraw Collaboration

We’re collaborating with our good friend Nik Cawton, a.k.a. @NikDraw. We asked Nik to create some original illustrations for our next t-shirt, and now we’d like your help putting all the pieces together!


Nik is an artist, trail runner, cyclist, musician, and so much more. Inspired by his surroundings, his artwork pays homage to everyday adventures and the insights they provide.

About Nik Cawton

We discovered Nik through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the style and perspective of his artwork. His illustrations and the messages underlying them are exactly what we're about: adventures, minimalism, and spreading positivity.

We asked Nik what inspires him, his goals, and why he's excited to collaborate with Flowfold.

1. How does being outdoors influence your artwork?

My scribbles take direct influence from the outdoors and I find myself unable to draw unless I regularly get out.

2. Describe your last adventure.

I'm actually heading for a hike or a fell run in The Peak District, UK this weekend. But my last outing was to the top of the Roseberry Topping. It's a distinctive, triangular hill with a beautiful view and a vast amount of exposure, if you're pushed for time, it's a great hike/run/scramble to the top through the woods to get the cobwebs out...

3. Where do you most want to see your artwork on display?

On your bags and T's is good enough for me!

4. Is minimalism important to you and how so?

Typically I only own things that serve purpose in my life. Minimalism in itself is an important part of outdoors life, as there is only so much you can fit in a backpack.

I could probably fit all my life in the boot of a car, on the roof, and on the bike rack.

5. Why are you excited to collaborate with Flowfold?

I don't like the idea of leather accessories, and love that all your items are made from non-animal based products that still provide fantastic durability. It's something I can happily get behind!

6. Where can people find your work for sale?
Find me on instagram @nikdraw!


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