2023 Sustainability Efforts


Sustainability is the core of our design philosophy, and it involves reducing landfill waste by incorporating long-lasting products into our everyday routine. We're conscious of the retail industry's impact on the planet, and we're committed to taking responsible action to minimize that impact and pave the way for a more sustainable future. We achieve this by creating timeless designs with eco-friendly materials, paying fair wages to our skilled craftsmen & women, and backing our products with a lifetime guarantee. 

Thank you for participating in our journey toward creating a more Earth-friendly future. By choosing products built to last, we can reduce waste and create a more sustainable future. Join us on this mission toward a more mindful lifestyle by purchasing fewer quality products. We invite you to explore our sustainability efforts and values in greater depth by reading on.



Our manufacturing team is the heart of our operation.

At Flowfold, we prioritize our people above all else. Our Maine-based warehouse is home to our small but dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. We pay fair wages and maintain healthy work environments because we believe taking care of our team is essential to success. We value transparency and accountability and always seek to improve working conditions and incorporate feedback from our team members. 


Eco-Friendly Fabrics For A Sustainable Future

We have taken great strides towards sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly and upcycled fabrics into all of our product's main component fabrics. To make this vision a reality, we worked closely with Challenge Sailcloth and Dimension Polyent to source recycled materials.


Recycled EcoPak™ Fabric

Challenge Sailcloth's EcoPak™ is a durable, waterproof, eco-friendly fabric made from recycled polyester. It's free from toxic solvents, VOCs, PFAS, and forever chemicals and is designed to withstand abrasion and moisture while remaining lightweight and flexible. 


Recycled Sailcloth with X-Ply®

 Our sailcloth products are made from remnants of Dimension Polyant's X-Ply® composite sailcloth- a waterproof mylar laminate reinforced with polyester and aramid fibers initially developed for the world's elite sailboat racers. It's strong, resilient, and has a distinctive look.


Reclaimed Sterling Rope®

Our leashes and handles are crafted from the reclaimed rope that doesn't meet first-quality standards, giving a second life to these materials. For over 20 years, climbers and mountaineers have trusted Sterling® rope, which is made in the USA and inspected by hand.


Designing a better future, one product at a time

Our mission is to create gear that lasts a lifetime and inspires our customers to prioritize sustainability by choosing long-lasting, high-quality products. Every step of our process is carefully considered to ensure that we are contributing to a better future.