Our Materials

Great gear begins with the best materials. We use the strongest, lightest, and most resilient fabrics in the world. Engineered with revolutionary technology, our fabrics will withstand years of abrasion and abuse from the elements. All material is rigorously tested before being considered for use in a product.
Flowfold Sailcloth Technology
Composite Racing Sailcloth with X-Ply®
Developed by Dimension Polyant for the world's sailboat racing and windsurfing elite, composite sailcloth with X-Ply® is a laminate of waterproof mylar with durable inner matrices of polyester and aramid fibers. It has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, excellent resiliency, and a unique aesthetic pattern. View fabric detail diagram

EcoPak™ Outdoor Fabric
EcoPak™ by Challenge Sailcloth is a recycled polyester fabric that is durable and waterproof. EcoPak does not contain toxic solvents or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), PFAS, or forever chemicals. This eco-friendly fabric collection is lightweight, flexible, and designed to stand up against abrasion and moisture. 

Flowfold Ultra Lightweight Pack Cloth Lite Skin
Lite Skin® Composite Fabric
Lite Skin® is a patent-pending, non-woven polyester face fabric designed specifically by Dimension Polyant for improving the abrasion resistance of Carbon Fiber racing sails. Adapted for packs, it is lightweight, UV resistant, and waterproof. It also has a softer hand than many other composite fabrics. View fabric detail diagram

Flowfold Recycled Rock Climbing Rope
Sterling® Rope
For over 20 years, climbers and mountaineers have trusted Sterling® to reach the peak. Every Sterling® rope is proudly made in the USA and inspected by hand. Rope that is not first quality is set aside, and that’s where we come in. Perfectly suited for leashes and handles, we have given this reclaimed rope a second chance to see the summit.

Flowfold X-Pac Outdoor Fabric Technology
X-Pac™ Outdoor Fabric
X-Pac™ by Dimension Polyant is a laminated sandwich of nylon or Cordura face fabric, and an inner X-Ply (diamond) pattern of polyester yarn for added tear strength and bias stability. The lighter styles have a very thin internal waterproof film, and woven polyester backing for added stitch-holding. The heavier styles just have a thicker waterproof film backing for increased longevity. This light, durable, and flexible fabric is designed to stand up to abrasion, stress, and moisture. Due to the sandwich style construction, X-Pac™ is very tear resistant and has a great strength-to-weight ratio. View fabric detail diagram