roam and flowfold collection


Our collab with Roam manifested from a shared mission to bring adventure into the everyday lives of people. Roam Media is a self-proclaimed "community of explorers and adventurers," motivated by a desire to share stories and joy, and ultimately grow the outdoor community to reach all who seek adventure. Their mission: "To put adventure in the pockets of millions." It seemed fitting to do a collaboration with Roam that revolved around our Minimalist Wallet, a pocket-sized piece of everyday adventure gear.  

Flowfold x Roam Media Collection Made in USA






We partnered with Roam to revamp our Recycled Sailcloth Minimalist Wallet, which we both recognized as the perfect companion for all who adventure. It's fabric was built to face the harshest conditions, used by the elite sailors of this world. It's slim profile and lightness (so light it floats) makes it an uncumbersome essential, tucked into your front pocket or in your checked bag. However you adventure, this wallet will stay by your side. 







During the collaboration, Roam interviewed Flowfold's COO, James Morin, about the company's origin and what motivates Flowfold to create its minimalist gear.

James shared the story of Flowfold's roots, how the founder created a wallet from the trashed sailcloth scraps he found in the sail loft he worked at. He needed a stronger, lighter, more versatile wallet, and created it himself. The rest is Flowfold history. You can read the entire interview on Roam's website.

Flowfold x Roam Collaboration



FLowfold x Roam Minimalist Wallet

  • Slim minimalist style
  • Ultra durable, ultra lightweight
  • Waterproof, abrasion resistant fabric
  • Exclusive; featuring the Roam Media logo